Erik Tans Productions is a creative audio production studio specializing in creating music and sound design for interactive media. From game-trailer audio, audio for mobile and animations, original sound design and effects, professional composition, and voice-over services, Erik Tans Productions’ mission is to provide the highest quality audio, music, and sound effects assets in interactive media.


I’m Erik Tans, a composer, audio engineer, studio- and performing-musician, and teacher. Welcome.

Here’s some more about me:

I have been an active and professional composer and audio engineer for the last fifteen years, focusing on composing for interactive and visual media since 2007. I compose across diverse genres, using acoustic/ ethnic instruments, and synthesized sounds.

My current focus lies in creating original audio for visual media and mobile devices. I’m
intrigued with the possibilities I see in these two areas.

Another focus has been serious games: both the audio-side and the concept-side. While completing a Master’s degree in International Relations at the University of Pittsburgh, I became very interested in how serious games could be used to explore various topics from angles not achievable using other methods.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Music Production & Technology and Music Education from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, I became a managing partner in a commercial recording studio in downtown Boston called Renaissance Recording Studios. Housed in what used to be a church, the space offered wonderful acoustics and a relaxed feel.

As a performing musician I have toured the US and Europe. Other projects have included film scores, and record projects of various kinds as engineer, producer, and studio musician.